Spectrashift Exoplanet Search Project
Currently has a .8 meter Ritchy Chrietien telescope employed full time searching for exoplanets using the transit method. A 1.1 meter Dahl Kirkam telescope is under construction in southern Arizona. The larger telescope will use the radial velocity method to detect exoplanets using star wobble. Status: Ongoing, funded.

Monitor the white dwarf star WD-1145
Multi-year study ongoing of this unusual white dwarf star. It is the first white dwarf found to have an asteroid disintegrating around it. Our team has been the primary group publishing on this star. Ongoing, funded.  Drifting asteroid fragments around WD 1145+ 017

Laser-Stimulated-Fluorescence Imaging of Chinese Feathered Dinosaurs
We are the point of the spear using this new technology that has revealed previously unseen soft tissue preservation in the famous Chinese feathered dinosaurs. Ongoing, funded.  Basal paravian functional anatomy illuminated by high-detail body outlineLaser Stimulated Fluorescence in Paleontology

Artificial creation of fossils in the lab
Using high heat and pressure simulating deep burial underground we have proven out a system to artificially create fossils in the lab. Google

Laser-Stimulated-Fluorescence of Caves
Using our laser technology from fossils we have miniaturized the instruments to go underground. Our images are the first to fluoresce entire caverns and bringing an new understanding to speleothem formation.  Researchgate.net

The First T. rex
We have tracked down the original dig site of the very first Tyrannosaur specimen. Only 14% of the skeleton was recovered 100 years ago so more could be in the ground. Looking for investors to fund a museum to acquire the site from the landowner. Status: Ongoing, not funded.

DB Cooper Hijacking
Working with the FBI our Cooper Research Team was allowed exclusive access to the original evidence and records. Many aspects of the crime were investigated and particles from D.B. Coopers tie were analyzed for the first time.  The results of that research can be seen here CitizenSleuths.com Status: Concluded.